DIY You draw it

We at WDR-data redid this new york times interactive: You draw it for northrhine-westfalia:

The new york times put the code on github, to be used open source. So did we with our version of the code:

The idea is that especially public broadcasters are doing well in making their developments open source as public broadcasting itself is paid by the public.

For example our version was used by the local newspaper Rheinische Post for their own version:

Here's how to do your own ‘you draw it’


  • install node.js
  • clone the github repo
  • run it
  • make your changes
  • deploy your changes on netlify

Install node.js

Download the right package for your operation system here:

Install it. Then test the installation by running:

$ node

> console.log('Hello World')
> .exit()

Clone the repo

Go to Take the link from ‘Clone or download’ and run git clone'

cd into the directory Installing dependencies

Bower npm install -g bower
Gulp npm install -g gulp

Build-Tools npm install (im Projektverzeichnis)

Frontend-Libs bower install (im Projektverzeichnis)

Run it locally

gulp serve

Make a build Live-Build unter dist/

gulp build

If you want do deploy it on netlify

  • Fork the repo
  • install dependencies
  • change data
  • make a netlify account
  • make a new netlify site
  • connect repo to netlify site
  • netlify makes a new build for every git push